Stimuplex® Onvision

Insulated Peripheral Nerve Block Needle for use with Philips Onvision System

Stimuplex® Onvision is a 30° bevel single shot cannula with tip sensor. It is designed to work with the Philips Onvision Needle Tip Tracking Technology and can be used in conjunction with electrical nerve stimulation and/or ultrasound respectively for precise detection of definite nerve areas.
Nerve blocks are used as anesthesia for surgical procedures as well as for pain therapy with various block techniques.


Onvision® accurately indicates where the needle tip is inside the body and helps align it with the probe.

ACCURATE - Know where you are in real-time

  • Tip visualization of superficial and deep blocks
  • Ultrasound based detection and accuracy
  • Designed to prevent unintended overshooting


PREDICTABLE - Helping make first-time-right the new standard

  • Confidently perform local anesthetics injection
  • Reduction in overall procedure time
  • Fits in current workflow (no workflow disruption)


EMPOWERING - More anesthesiologists can carry out regional anesthesia

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Easy to adopt
  • Designed to increase proficiency level

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