Diveen® to reduce female stress incontinence

Women do not have time for bladder weakness neither should feel shame about

Mothers want to cuddle, play, bounce, laugh, constantly do new things and share plenty of “first times” in their children lives. With children routines and procedures are different and often it becomes a real challenge to combine family life with her job or career. There is certainly no time for bladder weakness and the constant search for a toilet.

Same for women who simply want to laugh unconstrained or continue doing sports without feeling frustrated or ashamed because of urine leakages. There is no reason why they should not feel free again and be self-confident.

Today, millions of women around the world are suffering from stress urinary incontinence. It is often caused by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, sports and other urological complications (3). For these women Diveen® could be a real solution. 

What is Diveen® ?

Diveen® is the first and only innovative intravaginal device that is non surgical and completely invisible with an efficiency that is clinically proven to reduce significantly the risk of urine loss(2) .

Diveen® is indicated for women who suffer from urine loss (stress or mixed urinary incontinence). Being an innovative and patented concept(1), it is as easy and simple to apply and to use as a tampon. 

* Please read the product instructions carefully before use. Consult your doctor for advice on managing your incontinence.

What are the advantages of using Diveen®?

  • 100% discreet protection(1).
  • A unique mechanism which brings about significant reduction of the risk of urine leakage (2).
  • Biocompatible material.
  • 12 hours of incontinence control to enjoy physical activity with total peace of mind. Remove the device at night after one day of use.
  • Easy to use similar to a tampon. No need to remove Diveen® during your day, even when going to the toilet.

How does Diveen® act?

From an innovative and patented concept(1), Diveen® has been designed to support the anterior vaginal wall in the area below the bladder neck.  During an effort such as coughing, the intraabdominal pressure suddenly rises and generates a peak of pressure which transmits itself via tha bladder on the flexible ring of Diveen®.  This in turn causes the rigid part of the device to move upwards(1), thus supporting instantly the urethra and reducing significantly the incidence of urine leakages(2).

How do I order Diveen®?

Diveen Set: (1 Applicator, 1 Small, 1 Medium) : 3025E

Diveen Small: (15 Devices and 1 Applicator) : 3022E

Diveen Medium: (15 Devices and 1 Applicator) : 3023E


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(1) Brevet EP 1 924 218 B1

(2) Cornu J.N et al. 75NC007 device for noninvasive stress urinary incontinence management in women: a randomized contol trial. International Urogynecology Journal 2012, 23 (12): 1727-34

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