B. Braun Hospicare Ireland

Global wound care production of Ireland

As a part of the B. Braun family, we at B. Braun Hospicare are developing highly sophisticated wound care products for patients with chronic wounds all over the world.

We are one of the biggest companies in Collooney, Co. Sligo, who takes care of their employees and workers. Within the B. Braun family we offer fair salaries and social benefits. Some of our employees have been with us for over 30 years. We continuously improve our knowledge and expertise and develop our production to achieve the highest technology standards. B. Braun Hospicare operates effectively which means optimizing and facilitating processes and procedures. We produce the most innovative products in chronic wound care. 

Mission Statement

It is our companies mission to develop our products to improve the patients health and their well being

It is the aim of B. Braun to protect people and improve the health of people around the world.

As one B. Braun company, we at B. Braun Hospicare take our part in developing highly sophisticated wound care products for patients with chronic wounds all over the world.

Our philosophy unites us at B. Braun. The claim Sharing Expertise demonstrates what drives us, how we achieve our goals, what we stand for, what sustains us, and how we communicate with our communities.

For this we work together with the best Doctors and nurses specialized in wound care, sharing with us their ideas and knowledge to develop the most innovative products for the wound care market.

In the development of wound care products B. Braun Hospicare works closely with the marketing department  responsible for B. Braun wound care products which is located in Paris, France.

Background of B. Braun Hospicare

Today B. Braun Hospicare is the Center of Excellence for acute and chronic wound care dressings within the B. Braun Group but how did it all begin?

Hospicare was founded in 1984 and developed as a production site for B. Braun Wound Care products.

Hospicare was a subsidiary of Biotrol which was acquired by Merck Clevenot in 1992. Merck kept the diagnostic activity of Biotrol but sold the medical department (including stoma, wound) to B. Braun.

B. Braun acquired this new know-how to support the development of OPM needs in non hospital markets, especially home care patients with chronic wound conditions.

The thought was to expand Biotrol on an international level and selectively address some market and production needs.

Step by step we invested in our own product development. It all started with chronic wound care, there were some basic post-op and hydrocolloid dressings but most of the production at that time was for stoma bags for the UK market.

Today, we produce 24 different product lines and on the whole 380 SKU’S. The vast majority are developed by B. Braun.

Careers at B. Braun Hospicare, Collooney and CAPS, Longford

What we offer

Become part of a corporate culture that actively promotes constructive exchanges between colleagues, customers and partners.  Work with us to improve people's lives in the long term.  We can offer you interesting, varied tasks and excellent opportunities for advancement, as well as a attractive salary with extensive benefits, all within a dynamic family-owned business.

Please submit your letter of application and CV to hrhcirl.ie@bbraun.com

Contact B. Braun Hospicare & B. Braun CAPS

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General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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What we produce

An overview of the main products and technologies used at B. Braun Hospicare 

Necrosis And Slough Removal


Moderately to heavily exuding wounds.


Low exuding, sloughy or dry necrotic wounds.


Moderately to heavily exuding wounds.



Moderately to heavily exuding wounds.


Management of moderately to heavily exuding, partial to full thickness wounds on the heel. 

Askina®Foam Border 

Moderately exuding wounds. 

Askina®Foam Sacrum 

  • Shape adapted to sacrum area
  • Suitable for the protection of the skin of incontinent patients


  • Pre-cut opening to fit neatly around tracheostomies and drainage sites
  • Can be used around any cannula or stoma 

Askina®Foam Cavity 

  • Shaped to fit many types of cavity wounds
  • Superior absorption
  • Atraumatic removal

Askina®Cavity Strips

  • Simple to apply
  • For use in small sinuses and tunnel wounds



  • Non-adherent: protects fragile granulation tissue
  • Atraumatic removal
  • Allows vertical passage of exudate through dressing
  • Compatible with topical treatments/vacuum therapy


  • Rapid wicking properties
  • Excellent fluid management
  • Safe adhesion to surrounding skin
  • Atraumatic, painless removal
  • Soft and conformable

Askina®DresSil Sacrum 

  • Anatomic shape adapted to sacrum area
  • Good protection against pressure ulcers and
  • Stays in place during showering

Askina®DresSil Heel 

  • Atraumatic dressing removal
  • Repositionable, allowing wound inspection
  • Coated all over the foam to allow intimate contact
  • No need for additional fixation
  • Excellent absorption capacity
  • Soft and conformable
  • Adaptable shape

Askina®DresSil Border 

  • Easy to apply - no secondary fixation needed
  • Safe fixation due to adhesive border
  • Adaptable to body contours
  • Stays in place during showering



  • Immediate and sustained release of silver
  • No activation needed, ionic silver readily available
  • Active for 7 days
  • Non staining
  • Excellent exudate management


  • Absorbs wound bacteria and malodourous
  • Substances
  • For all types of malodorous wounds
  • To be used as a secondary dressing


  • Immediate and sustained release of silver
  • No activation needed, ionic silver readily available
  • Active for 7 days
  • Non staining
  • Well adapted for deep and difficult-to-dress wounds


  • Highly conformable paste for intimate contact
    with the wound bed
  • 100% ionic silver, active against a broad spectrum
    of microorganisms, including MRSA
  • No activation needed
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Easy to remove by simple rinsing
  • Non staining
  • Low/Moderatly/Heavily exuding wound

Askina®Calgitrol®Paste 100g 

Askina®Calgitrol®Paste 250g

Askina®Calgitrol®Paste 500g

Contacts & Locations

Dublin Road
F91 C892 Collooney, Co. Sligo
Unit 5 C&D, Royal Canal Business Park
Athlone Road
N39 DC42 Longford