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Infusion Therapy

B. Braun offers a system for safe infusion therapy. From the infusion to venous puncture - all components used here are designed according to an integral modular system. In combination, they create a system that ensures safe infusion therapy.

Infusion- and Injection Solutions

Infusion and injection solutions have long become an integral part of clinical routine. B.Braun offers a comprehensive range of solutions for all usage situations: supplied in the traditional glass containers, bags or in the "State of the Art" container system Ecoflac® plus, Ecobag® and Mini-Plasco®.

Drug Admixture

You know an infinite number of ways to prepare a ready-to-infuse drug from its basic ingredients. But are you sure you know the most efficient? B. Braun does, and will show you how. From the slimmest Filter Straw to the indispensable Chemo Mini-Spike, each product on its own brings you a giant step closer to greater user safety. Used in combination, they move you forward to the smarter system by making drug admixture measurably easier, more economical and much safer.

Administration Sets

Intravenous (IV) therapy plays an extensive role in the care of patients and refers to the parenteral administration of fluids and medications, nutritional support, and transfusion therapy using of veins to inject the substances.No longer confined to the hospital, intravenous therapies are supplemently delivered also in alternative care settings such as the home. Technologically IV therapy can be delivered by various types of administration sets, designed to meet customer demands from basic to sophisticated requirements, e.g. gravity tubing, pump tubing, flow-regulating devices, volume-controlled tubing etc.

Infusion & Transfusion Accessories

With the handle of the stopcocks the user can adjust the desired flow directions or stop fluids in order to control the administration of infusions or drugs to the patient. Moreover stopcocks are used as an access to inject drugs or to withdraw blood. One or more infusions and liquid drugs, can be administered in parallel as mix to the patient via the female accesses in IV-Sets. The administration can be done by gravity and pump-infusion or with syringes. For applications where several stopcocks are needed simultaneously 3-gang and 5-gang manifolds can be used.

Automated Infusion Systems

With B.Braun Space a new generation of infusion technology is available. Perfusor® and Infusomat® Space are the smallest , lightest and safest infusion devices of the world with a broad range of functionality for all hospital and home care applications. System compatibility and networking solutions are natural as well as special infusion profiles for critical drug applications , anesthesia and patient-controlled pain treatment.

Venipuncture and Injection

All you need for venous access you will find within the B.Braun product range: from modern safety IVC ( venous catheters for peripheral venipuncture) for short term access to sophisticated CVC ( Central venous catheters) in Seldinger technique or direct puncture with 1 to 5 lumen in various set configurations for intensive infusion therapy. And you will find also winged IV catheters and syringes & needles for injection.