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As a market leader in regional anesthesia devices, B. Braun provides a comprehensive offering of products designed for epidural, spinal, combined spinal/epidural, peripheral nerve block, and continuous wound infiltration. In addition, drugs for IV anesthetics and local anesthetics provide our customers a single source for delivering a wide range of anesthesia options. All products are designed with the goal of achieving positive patient and economic outcomes.

Local Anesthetics

Local Anesthetics for local and regional anesthesia are available in Mini-Plasco® made of polyethylene.

IV Anesthetics

B. Braun supplies drugs for peri-operative application, anesthesia, sedation and analgesia. For lipophylic and/or poorly soluble drugs the Lipuro®-Technology uses a MCT/LCT emulsion (Lipofundin®) as drug-delivery system with the advantages such as reduced pain on injection, optimized lipid metabolism.


Antiinfectives from B. Braun enclose antibiotic and antifungal drugs which are offered as intravenous ready to use “RTU” solutions in Ecoflac plus containers. Premixed antiinfectives from B. Braun makes mixing steps a thing of the past.

Regional Anesthesia

Regional anesthesia has been proven to result in better patient outcome, faster recovery and rehabilitation, earlier discharge and reduced morbidity. B. Braun offers a wide range of products in the field of Epidural and Spinal anesthesia, as well as in Peripheral nerve block techniques, and continuous wound infiltration.