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Diabetes Care

With our finely tuned program of diabetic care products you can provide your patients with efficient care, keeping in compliance with current regulations. Take advantage of these benefits - for both you and your patients!

Blood Glucose Measurement

Regular control of the metabolism is a prerequisite for an ideal blood glucose level. The quick and easy blood glucose measurement of patients with Omnitest® allows a flexible therapy.

Insulin Needles

With Sterican® insulin needles, the injection is virtually pain-free due to the precise three-facets-grinding of the needle tip and the special coating.

Insulin Syringes

With the right insulin syringes, the injection the injection is virtually pain-free - due to the precise three-facets-grinding of the needle tip and the special coating. Single sterile packed for your safety.

Pen Needles

The better suited the pen needle is to an individual, the more gentle and accurate the insulin injection procedure will be. And since not all people are the same, Omnican® fine pen needles are now available in six different versions. With six, eight, ten and twelve millimeter length, thin wall technology and the precise, three-facets-grinding, we provide the ideal pen needle for every individual.