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Loan Service of Aesculap

How does it work? Easy. Fast. Flexible.

Solutions for exceptional cases. With ELSA (European Loan Service of Aesculap), Aesculap helps closing inventory gaps and overcoming bottlenecks in the supply of hospital equipment. The ELSA loan service provides special implants, instruments and instrument sets for your operation. For the hospital, it avoids purchase costs for rarely used instrument and helps saving storage space and costs.

You can choose from 50 different loaner products, including all Aesculap systems and variants for hip and knee endoprosthetics, systems for nail locking and spine surgery, and special revision instrument sets. All loaner sets are checked and prepared to meet the highest quality standards.

Ordering and dispatch
The loaner sets can be ordered until 24 hours before the planned operation, depending on availability. Your loaner set with the required instruments and implants is configured, checked and safely packed. Aesculap dispatches the loaner set, ready for sterile processing, directly to your hospital, using express delivery contractors.

Detailed instructions for processing of the set are part of the documentation enclosed with each loaner set. The instruments will be ready in time for your operation, as soon as they have been sterilized.

Return Shipment
After use, the instruments are cleaned and sterilized by the hospital and kept ready for pick-up. B.Braun will organise the return pick-up and shipment following your notification.

On receipt of the return shipment, B.Braun checks the set and, in most cases, only charges for the implant components actually used by the customer. If no implants were used, or if the loan was limited to special instruments,B.Braun only charges a fixed service fee.

Whatever your requirements: The  loan service for Aesculap implant and instrument systems opens up valuable, additional options for surgical therapy at your hospital.

Loan service product groups:

Hip Arthroplasty Short stem prostheses

  • Primary hip endoprostheses
  • Revision endoprostheses
  • Special explantation instruments

Knee Arthroplasty Primary knee endoprostheses

  • Revision endoprostheses
  • AS Advanced Surface knee implants (incl. revision implants)

Sports Medicine

  • ACT (autologous chondrocyte transplantation)
  • Cruciate ligament reconstruction
  • Implants for high tibial osteotomy

Locking nail systems for
  - femur, proximal femur, retrograde femur and tibia
  - humerus, proximal humerus
  - distal radiusMetal removal instrument sets

Spine Surgery

  • Cervical stabilization
  • Thoracolumbar stabilization