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OEM Service

B. Braun OEM Division- System-built Solutions.

Why source from multiple manufacturers for solutions and medical devices when you can use only one source. The B. Braun OEM Division offers the knowledge and capabilities to provide a wide range of products and contract manufacturing possibilities for IV Fluids. Our broad line of products include: valves, syringes, stopcocks, transfer and filter devices, needle-free access devices, DEHP and PVC free bags, solutions, capping devices and much more.

B. Braun OEM division is backed by a network of B. Braun companies that operate in 50 countries and offers a product range comprising over 30,000 pharmaceutical and medical products.

We have the expertise and resources to help you design, manufacture, package, sterilize and private-label medical products. Many customers look at us as a total outsourcing solution partner.


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