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Surgeons Education Program

Professional education and hands-on training for surgeons and nurses

We understand professional training as an integrative part of our products and are aware that health care professionals are facing increasing demands for advanced technologies in orthopaedics surgery from their patients. In the light of the diversity of demands, we offer specific concepts: from observer ships to Expert Courses, from more general orthopaedics topics to very specific, highly discussed and of burning actuality.

The Aesculap medical education courses are enjoying high acceptance in the market. For more than 10 years clinicians are sharing their expertise with the orthopaedic community. At Aesculap we emphasize on increasing the knowledge about the products hence for the patient’s benefit. This includes hands-on workshops in anatomical institutes and sawbones laboratories for the correct handling of Aesculap products and also round-table discussions with highly respected and experienced international faculty. All lectures and hands-on sessions are held in the scientific environment of our Aesculap Academy locations and in cooperating anatomical institutes.