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Corporate Guidelines

B.Braun Ireland

1. Growth as a family enterprise - Growth from our own resources                                                                                                                                                                                                                         B. Braun aims to remain a privately-held family enterprise in the next decade. This objective demands a sufficient level of growth from the company's own resources and innovative potential. The B. Braun family is committed to meeting these requirements.

2. One true company - Strength in unity worldwide                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       B. Braun consists of many different business units that have expanded over the course of time. To take advantage of our opportunities in the market, we must view and present ourselves as a unified entity, as "One true Company". Only together, only in following this motto, can we demonstrate and display the company's innovative power - with products and services, with practical technologies and processes, with management methods and information technologies.

3. Europe as our home market - Advantages of diversity
B. Braun is a company headquartered in Europe and active throughout the world. We have generated real competitive advantages from our European roots.
Our knowledge of various European cultures allows us to react and respond to particular market requirements around the globe. Our European home market has a special significance for us. At the same time, however, we acknowledge the development of the North and the South American markets, and especially the various Asian markets, as equally important for securing our independence.

4. Worldwide engagement - Improving market position
As a worldwide company, we seek to develop the various regional markets in welltargeted steps thereby improving our overall earning capacity. (...)The development of the Information Society is well advanced in nearly all markets. Through consistent and well-directed application of digital technologies at all B. Braun locations, we can make our knowledge available wherever it may be required and take advantage of the resultant opportunities to develop markets worldwide.

5. The divisions' fields of competency - Oriented to customer needs
In healthcare markets worldwide, B. Braun relies on its four divisions - Hospital Care, Aesculap, Out Patient Market and Medtech. Dividing our business into these segments enables us to target technical competency in each area of expertise we serve. At the same time, this organizational structure helps us to focus our activities on well-defined goals and objectives. (...)            B. Braun must be accessible to every customer via the internet. The standard of success: mutual benefits and accelerated service.

6. Modern products - Enhanced by service
Healthcare reforms have led to outsourcing on behalf of hospitals. B. Braun is responding to these developments with a range of service offerings. (...) The internet is to be used as a marketing instrument. In this capacity it must take the place of "old" marketing methods. We want to set and shape the trends of the future - with new products, future-oriented services and the used of the most modern technologies such as internet-based e-commerce.

7. Improved supply chain management - Release of working capital
B. Braun will secure its independence by strengthening its profitability (EBITDA 15 percent) and mobilizing associated working capital in the years to come. We view our customers and our suppliers as partner in a digital process.

8. Qualified employees - A prerequisite for success
The B. Braun family enterprise will continue to rely on the highlix qualified potential of corporate management.

9. Benchmarking - Learning from the best
B. Braun utilizes success comparisons on the basis of "best-practice" cases. For us, learning from and providing assistance to one another are integral elements of the "One True Company" culture. With the annual award presentation "Club of the Best", we honor long-standing successful efforts within the company.

10. Innovation as motivation - In all fields
For B. Braun innovation is a special "driving force". This is not limited to new products, but includes all methods and procedures, as well as sales and marketing. (...) New technologies offer new perspectives. In this sense, B. Braun aims to utilize the opportunities and trends offered by e-business.